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wrong place

Oct. 30, 2013 No Comments

Sometime people have other opinion. You just have to be honour od what they said. Love can also bw wrong, but it has the place even in the wrong place

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Well Done!!!

Jul. 25, 2013 No Comments

Finally, I’ve done my thesis exam. Finally, we are far away. Finally, I dont have any reason to see. Finally, I cant call in the unlimited time. Finally, I have to end up all. Finally, only me. I’m closer to the dead. Where all my tasks was done. Done in a good way. Finally, I [...]

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Everything seems so fast. He said “Sweetheart” He said “You did a promise but you broke it in return” He said “I believe u” He said “You are so …” He said “I want you so bad …” He said “Come to me …” He said “I can’t control myself …” He said “Just a [...]

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Dec. 12, 2012 No Comments

Indikator / Aspek yang diamati I. Pra Pembelajaran 1. Mempersiapkan siswa untuk belajar. 2. Melakukan kegiatan Apersepsi. II. Kegiatan Inti Pembelajaran A. Penguasaan Materi. 1. Menunjukkan Penguasaan Materi. 2. Mengaitkan Materi dengan Pengetahuan lain yang relevan. 3. Menyampaikan materi dengan jelas, sesuai dnegan hierarki belajar dan karakter siswa. 4. mengaetkan Materi dengan realitas kehidupan. B. [...]

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Dec. 1, 2012 No Comments

Life is a creature . Life is a choice .. Life is a game .. If you choose the right one you will win .. If you make a mistake with your choice that the result .. So becareful

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Subject: English for Specific Purpose Class: Mathematic STKIP KUSUMA NEGARA  1.      MATERIAL A.    The following are some greetings for your first meeting. Read carefully and follow the instruction to complete your task. First Meeting How do you do?                                                          I’m (very) pleased/delighted to meet you It’s (very) nice to meet you. Informal How do you do? [...]

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